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Chetodral Sachets

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Gluten Free

Chetodral is a dietary supplement of Vitamins B1, B2, B6 , Mixed sugars, Prebiotic Glucooligosaccharides, Sodium citrate and Potassium citrate characterized by taste and aroma Cola. The well studied formulation of Chetodral allows to fight effectively the states of ketosis and of acetoenemy vomiting of children and adults, and is able to act, by intervening at several levels, in the complex metabolic alterations that occur during the acidosis.

We recommend taking 2-3 sachets per day as needed or after medical advice. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Mixed sugars, tribasic sodium citrate, tribasic potassium citrate,Vitamins: B1; B2; B6. Bioecolians® (glucooligosaccharide with prebiotic action).


10 sachets of 8 g.

Cola taste. The excellent palatability and the well-known taste loved especially by children are a factor both of its compliance augmentation and of the treatment continuity.

Package Leaflet Chetodral sachets

Package Leaflet Chetodral sachets

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