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Crossover Junior vials

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Crossover Junior Royal Jelly and Carnitine is a dietary supplement specially developed for kids that practice also competitive sports activities and it is useful to compensate for an intense energy expenditure.


The recommended daily dose is 1 vial a day preferably taken an hour before training or competition.


Royal Jelly, Carnitine, sugar and sweetener.


10 vials of 10 ml for the preparation of an extemporaneous solution for oral use.


It characterized by taste and aroma of black cherry.

The Royal Jelly and Carnitine contain balanced quantities of nutrients and improves energy metabolism. The innovative technology of RewCap has enabled us to put into product a quantity of freeze-dried Royal Jelly of 500 mg, corresponding to about 1.5 grams of fresh royal jelly. This high concentration makes the product particularly useful and effective.


1. Push the top of the cap until complete detachment of the capsule from the rest of the cap;
2. Remove the seal of the capsule;
3. Turn the cap on the vial and insert until you hear a click
4. Shake until complete dissolution of the powder;
5. Remove the cap and drink right away.


Package Leaflet Crossover vials

Package Leaflet Crossover vials

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