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Destrolac confort

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Destrolac® Confort is a dietary supplement of inositol (vitamin B7) with Maltodextrin and Cornstarch useful to fill nutritional deficiencies or increased of this nutrient. Destrolac Confort is particularly indicated in children with facility of regurgitation.

Dissolve 5 g of powder equal to 3 measuring cups every 100 ml of water or milk.

Corn starch (52%), Maltodextrine, Vitamin B7 (Inositol).


250 g pack with measuring spoon.

Destrolac Confort is a Vitamin B7 (Inositol) food supplement containing a thickening factor: the corn starch. The thickening process with the corn starch gives the milk an optimal viscosity that does not promote the regurgitation and ensure a complete digestibility. It gives also a better sense of satiety especially in the evening breastfeeding by promoting a calmer sleep.
Three scanted measuring cups (5 g) bring 19kcal.

Package Leaflet Destrolac Confort

Package Leaflet Destrolac Confort