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Destrolac powder

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Gluten Free

Destrolac powder® is a dietary supplement of Vitamin B7 (Inositol) with Maltodextrine and Glucooligosaccharide useful to fill nutritional deficiencies or increased needs of this nutrient. Particularly indicated on treatment of the constipation.

3 measuring cups (5g) every 100ml of milk or other liquids.

Maltodextrine, Bioecolians® (glucooligosaccharide with prebiotic action), Inositol (Vitamin B7).


250 g. of powder with proper measuring cup.


Destrolac accomplishes its function thanks to the combined action of:

  1. Maltodextrines that, by recalling water in the intestine, make the faeces softer;
  2. Inositol (Vit. B7) that augments tone and amplitude of the intestinal peristalsis;
  3. Bioecolians® that accomplishes a prebiotic action on the intestinal flora and it helps the digestion of the lactose.

Destrolac powder is indicated in the dietary treatment of constipation, it is useful in infant formula fed babies. The treatment can last for months without contraindications. 3 scoops (5 grams) bring about 19 Kcal.

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