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Equidral sachets

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Equidral sachets is a dietary supplement indicated in the treatment of the dehydration caused by acute diarrheas, altered electrolytic equilibrium, vomit, gastroenteritis, hyper-sweating.

Dissolve the content of a sachet each 250ml of water and shake until the solution is well mixed. Administer ad libitum or according to the medical advice. After an adequate period of rehydration, it is needed to begin the re-alimentation by continuing the hydrating action.

Bioecolians® (glucooligosaccharide with prebiotic action); tribasic sodium citrate; tribasic Potassium citrate; Sodium Chloride; Potassium Chloride; Gluconate Zync.


10 sachets of 8 grams per package in a hydro-saline solution for oral use.

Sweet orange taste and flavor. The product respects the ESPGHAN directiveves (European society of gastroenterology, hepatology and pediatric nutrition). The zync efficiency in the treatment of diarrhea is confirmed by many clinical trials, randomized and controlled that demonstrate a reduction of the duration, of the quantity and frequency of the diarrhea.

The product contains high doses of Sugars and Sodium, so it is not recommended in cases of hypertension.

Package Leaflet Equidral sachets

Package Leaflet Equidral sachets

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