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FBM vaginal ovules

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FBM vaginal ovules is a medical device coadjuvant in the symptomatic treatment and prevention of the vaginal mucosa disease of bacterial origin (as vulvovaginitis) or fungal infection (such as candida). Indicated to relieve burning, itching and redness. Also useful as a preventive treatment in cases subject to frequent diseases.

Symptomatic Treatment: 1 ovule per day, in the evening, before going to bed lying down, for at least 10 consecutive days. Associate a morning Lavender, in order to rebalance the vaginal flora.

Prevention: 1 ovule a day, in the evening before going to bed lying down, for at least 10 consecutive days, cyclically.

– Do not use the medical device for more than 30 consecutive days.


  1. Open the package and wash hands before use.
  2. Carefully wash the genital area with a very mild detergent and withdraw from a blister single ovule.
  3. Place the ovule into the vagina gently trying to get deep and avoiding occasional spills, preferably in the
    evening before bedtime.


Polysaccharides from Aloe Vera, Essential Oils of Sage, Tea tree oil and Grapefruit seed extract, lactic acid, mixture of triglycerides.


Pack of 10 ovules of 2 g.

Package Leaflet FBM vaginal ovules

Package Leaflet FBM vaginal ovules