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Ferrosil Rosa solution

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Ferrosil pink solution is a dietary supplement of iron highly absorbable and pleasant taste because microencapsulated in liposomes. Iron absorption is increased by the presence of Vitamin C. The iron used is pyrophosphate iron transported within a double phospholipidic membrane. The technique of encapsulation of the bivalent iron in liposomes allowed a considerable improvement in taste and palatability with consequent increase in product compliance.


Take 5/10 ml of Ferrosil Plus solution equal to 20/40 mg of elemental iron daily as needed preferably with meals, unless otherwise specified by the Doctor. Shake before using.


Iron and Vitamin C.


200 ml bottle with measuring cup.


Iron is a micronutrient essential for the human body. Indeed it is, as an essential component in some basic biological mechanisms such as DNA replication, cellular energy processes and the utilization and transport of oxygen throughout the body. Also it contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Vitamin C facilitates the reduction of the iron and therefore its absorption.

Package Leaflet Ferrosil Rosa

Package Leaflet Ferrosil Rosa