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Grinsol Fitoaerosol

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Gluten Free


Fitoaerosol with seawater in isotonic solution. Medical device indicated as a specific adjuvant for the typical symptoms of the cold such as nasal congestion and irritation of the nasal mucosa.

Relieves cold symptoms. Promotes mucus fluidification. In case of allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.


We recommend the application of 1-2 ampoules per day.


Detach a single dose vial and open it by gently rotating the cap until it is removed.

Aerosol: Pour the contents of the single dose ampoule into the appropriate container of the aerosol apparatus, follow the indications of the apparatus and inhale until the ampoule is completely emptied. The product is nebulizable with all types of aerosol (piston, ultrasonic, etc.). Grinsol aerosol can be mixed with any drug and can be used as a diluent instead of physiological solution.


Based on plant extracts of echinacea, drosera, grapefruit seeds, thyme and essential oils of mountain pine and white thyme.


15 single-dose Vials of 5 ml for aerosol. Ready to use.


The presence of both moisturizing plant substances and essential oils allows Grinsol to relieve the symptoms of the cold thanks to a moisturizing action able to fluidify the secretions and promote the elimination of the mucus in excess. The presence of seawater in Grinsol has an emollient action on the irritated nasal mucosa that recovers its function.


The product is for aerosol use only. Do not ingest.

Package Leaflet Grinsol

Package Leaflet Grinsol