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Idrofolic drops

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Gluten Free  Vegan


Idrofolic Drops is a dietary supplement of Folic Acid, used to fill the nutritional deficiency or increase the requirement of such nutrients.


Take 8 drops per day unless otherwise medically indicated. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Average contents of Folic Acid: 50 mcg / 1 drop


Folic Acid (Vitamin B9).


20 ml bottle.


Folate contributes to:
1) normal synthesis of amino acids;
2) normal homocysteine metabolism;
3) normal hematopoiesis;
4) normal psychological function;
5) normal function of the immune system;
6) increase in maternal tissues during pregnancy;
7) reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Package Leaflet Idrofolic drops

Package Leaflet Idrofolic drops