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JO OIL oily bath

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JO OIL oily bath is the ideal detergent for sensitive, dehydrated or atopic skin. JO OIL is no-occlusive and can also be used on irritated and hypersensitive skin. The composition of JO OIL is rich in substances of vegetable origin such as Jojoba oil, and can be used daily on the delicate skins for maintaining a correct skin hydration.

Press the dispenser cap and apply directly on wet skin gently massaging and then rinse using a soft sponge or the shower. JO OIL can also be dispersed in the baby bath.

Jojoba oil with fatty acids Omega 6 and Omega 3 of Evening Primrose oil and Linseed Oil with Vitamin E.


250 ml bottle.

Sensitive is a type of skin characterized by an exaggerated reactivity to common stimulation (hot, cold, etc.), usually well tolerated by “normal” skin. Also, a sensitive skin is more susceptible to allergies, redness, irritation, itching and skin burns. The skin surface of the children for example does not have a proper hydro-lipid film to form an effective barrier that defend it from external aggression.

Package Leaflet JO OIL bagno oleato

Package Leaflet JO OIL bagno oleato