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Naf drops

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Gluten Free

Naf drops is a dietary supplement of Fluoride with Xilytolo indicated to Fluorine prophylaxis of the dental caries.

If, in the water used, there is a quantity of Fluoride less than 0.3 mg/liter (the least diffused mineral water) the recommended dosage is:

  • from 2 weeks to 2 years: 8 drops a day (0.25 mg of F- ions)
  • from 2 to 4 years: 16 drops a day (0.50 mg of F- ions)

For the best absorption of NAF Drops for neonatal administration do not dissolve the drops in milk. After each use reclose the bottle carefully.

Fluorine + Xylitol.


15 ml bottle.

Fluorine and Xylitol in watery solution, easy to be mixed with all liquids or foods. Tasteless and odorless.

Package Leaflet Naf drops

Package Leaflet Naf drops

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