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Naf spray

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Naf Spray is dietary supplement with an innovative patented method that makes easier the daily administration of Fluorine and Xylitol effective amounts.

If, in the water used, there is a quantity of Fluoride less than 0.3 mg/liter (the least diffused mineral water) the recommended dosage is:

  • from 2 weeks to 2 years: 1 spray a day (0.25 mg of F- ions)
  • from 2 to 4 years: 2 spray a day (0.50 mg of F- ions)
  • from 4 years and pregnant: 4 spray a day (1 mg of F- ions)

Fluorine + Xylitol (Sodium Fluoride and Xylitol).


20 ml bottle spray.

At the same time, Naf Spray exploits the Fluorine and Xylitol’s local and systemic action by taking part both in the teeth’s mineralization and in the plaque’s bacteria. It inhibits the production of the acids that promote the caries.

Package Leaflet Naf spray

Package Leaflet Naf spray

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